At Jereye Studio, Run by Jerry Hultsch, I was part of a team consisting of talented interns to join the entertainment world. Each 5 second clip required immense planning from studio set-up for filming to mastering audio and final specs for network airing. The eight of us interns, led by the experience of Jerry, were heavily involved in each step of creating these fun snippets of "Easter-Egg" violence. 


My top contributions were timing of animations, creation of VFX, green screen and lighting, and capturing specific poses from the actors, who were also interns.

The chaos was fun, the experience was priceless, and the caffeine and donuts were limitless. Which was probably how we organized so much chaos in to working episodes.

At Glynlyon, as the multimedia designer, I played a large role in developing production for the company's "Direct Instruction" videos. These videos required consistent quality with little to no deviation in design. Setting up pipeline production from first shoot to final compression rendering, my contributions were largely in communicating with the filming crew, directors of photography and the production artists. Actively part of the film crew, I increased my skills with lighting, subject capture, camera settings and techniques, and how to better direct and work with the talent in the studio.

Together, with the whole media department, we created methods to ensure, regardless to who was behind the camera, the footage was consistent before entering the next stage of production. 

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